Cricket Training Program

Welcome to our Cricket Training Program at Kothari International School, Noida!

Program Highlights:

  • Professional and Experienced Coaches: Our coaching team includes seasoned professionals who bring their extensive experience to every session.
  • Indoor Net Facilities: Available during the monsoon season to ensure uninterrupted training.
  • Strength and Conditioning/Yoga: Integrated fitness programs to enhance player performance.
  • Video Analysis: Detailed feedback to improve technique and performance.
  • Master Classes: Exclusive sessions with Ranji Trophy and National level players.
  • One-on-One Personal Coaching: Tailored coaching to address individual needs.
  • Comprehensive Cricket Education: Introduction to cricket rules and laws through both theory and practical sessions.
  • Women’s Coaching: Dedicated programs to support and develop female cricketers.
  • Weekend Batches: Flexible training schedules to fit your lifestyle.
  • Competitive Opportunities: We provide platforms for talented students to represent in competitive tournaments.

Join us to take your cricket skills to the next level and enjoy a comprehensive training experience.

Physical Education and Cognitive Programme (PEC)

Welcome to the Physical Education and Cognitive Programme (PEC) at Kothari International School, Noida!

Program Highlights:

  • Yoga/Zumba: Fun and energetic sessions to enhance flexibility and fitness.
  • Aerobics: High-energy routines to improve cardiovascular health.
  • Hand-Eye Coordination: Activities designed to sharpen reflexes and coordination.
  • Balancing and Motor Drills: Essential exercises for developing balance and motor skills.
  • Basic Gymnastics: Introducing the fundamentals of gymnastics.
  • Mind Development Programs: Cognitive activities to boost mental growth.

Why Choose PEC?

Holistic Development: A perfect blend of physical and mental development activities under one program.
Engaging Activities: Diverse and entertaining activities to keep kids engaged and prevent boredom.
Suitable for All Kids: Ideal for children above 3 years who are not involved in any specific sports activity.
Give your child the gift of comprehensive development with our PEC program, designed to nurture both the body and mind in a fun and engaging way.

Meet our exceptional coach, Akshay Gorakha Madane!

With a passion for sports and a commitment to excellence, Akshay brings a wealth of expertise to our team at Kothari International School, Panvel.
Holding an ICC Coaching Foundation Certificate, Cricket Kids Coach Induction Level “O” Certification, and an Official Certificate in Kabaddi & Kho-Kho.
Akshay is dedicated to nurturing young talents and fostering a love for sports.
Get ready to embark on an exciting journey of growth and development with Coach Akshay leading the way!

Meet the maestro behind the magic – Vijay Gaud!

As our esteemed cricket coach, he’s not just shaping champions but also fostering a love for the game in every young heart.
With ICC Cricket Foundation Course Level (O) expertise and ICC Crio-Cricket Programme Facilitator credentials, he’s a true game-changer!
Join us in celebrating his dedication and passion for cricket as he trains with the Federation of Cricket Timor Leste as an assistant. Coach.

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