Grades 4 to Grades 7

Embracing The CBSE Curriculum

From Grade 4 till high school, teaching is conducted via lectures, projects, presentations, group discussions, workshops and seminars. The focus is on integrating Science, Technology and Mathematics into everyday experiences. Social Studies employ a thematic approach through concept-based teaching. Language instruction prioritises cultivating a passion for reading while accentuating the development of students’ communication skills and expressive abilities.

Students’ academic progress is gauged through various metrics, including grades, assessments and feedback. Continuous evaluation of the performance in coursework, exams and projects offers insight into comprehension and development. These insights are effectively communicated to tailor support and enhance learning outcomes. 

The CBSE has introduced practical learning in Social Science, Science and Technology and Mathematics with a weightage of 20%. The study areas include:

1. Communicative English
2. Second language (Hindi, Marathi, Sanskrit)
3. Mathematics
4. Science & Technology
5. Robotics
6. Social Science
7. Work Experience
8. Art Education
9. Physical and Health Education.

Developing Lifelong Learners

In addition to cultivating fundamental concepts within each subject, the primary emphasis of the CBSE curriculum during this crucial preparatory stage is to instil in the child a mindset towards becoming a lifelong learner. The aim is to enhance the learner’s capacity to apply the theoretical knowledge gained to real-life situations effectively – essentially, to employ what they have learned, in a practical manner. Projects and activities play a pivotal role in shaping this curriculum.

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